Holidays don't always have to be stressful. A storage unit can help!

Holiday Storage
Does the upcoming holidays add stress to your life? Have you considered a storage unit to alleviate some stress?  How would it alleviate stress you ask, consider the following...

Clutter – Holidays typically mean large groups of family and or friends getting together to celebrate. Many times leading up to the gathering the host is scrambling to make their house less cluttered, clean and decorated. Now think if you had a storage unit. You would be able to move grandmas antique rocking chair into a safe climate controlled unit thus opening up your living room to a better flow and protecting your cherished item from BIG Louie. Or maybe it’s the kids large toys that they no longer play with that are cluttering your space. No place for that Christmas tree in your living room? Once again you can store some furniture to make room.  Less clutter = less stress.

Decorations – Currently where do you store your decorations? Are they taking over every square inch of your storage? Do you have all of your decorations scattered in different locations around your house? Are they up in your attic where temperatures can be drastically different and actually ruin your decorations? Think of this… a storage unit where you have the space to have all Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, etc. decorations in designated spots. First you would be able to easily inventory your decorations and see what you actually already have. Secondly, you or your significant other wouldn’t have to crawl into the dark, dusty attic or crawl space to pull out your décor. You would have the space to organize and easily access your decorations. Gifts – Are you trying to find areas in your house to hide gifts from prying eyes? A climate controlled storage unit would be a great hiding spot from curious eyes. I’m sure it took some time finding and thinking of that great gift. Don’t let the lack of a storage spot ruin your surprise when they open the gift.

So consider a storage unit and alleviate some of your holiday stress.