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Tips for College Students Storing Items During Summer Break

Storing items during summer break is a common concern for college students, especially if they live in dormitories or shared apartments that they need to vacate during the break period. Here are some tips for college students looking to store their belongings

His and Her Storage Units

His & Her Storage Units

Imagine a scenario where a couple or two individuals desire their dedicated storage areas within a shared facility. "His and Her" climate-controlled storage units offer precisely that—a chance to personalize storage spaces while enjoying the benefits of a controlled climate environment. These units go beyond mere storage; they symbolize customization and organization tailored to individual preferences.

Moving from out of state to SD

Moving from out of state to Sioux Falls

Moving to a new state is an adventure filled with excitement and new opportunities, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. One crucial aspect of this transition is finding the right storage facility for your belongings. When moving from out of state, ensuring that your possessions are stored in a climate-controlled facility can make all the difference in preserving their condition and longevity. Here’s why choosing our climate-controlled facility is the smart choice for customers making this significant move.

Families moving in together

Climate-Controlled Storage: A Necessity When Combining Households

In a world where flexibility and change are the norm, combining households has become increasingly common. Whether it's a couple moving in together, adult children returning home, or multi-generational living arrangements, this process often involves the merging of belongings and the need for extra storage space. However, when it comes to safeguarding your cherished possessions, especially those sensitive to environmental conditions, climate-controlled storage is the solution you need. In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of climate-controlled storage when you're in the process of combining households.

Preserve Your Summer Memories: The Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage

Summer is a season filled with warmth, sunshine, and adventure. Whether it's enjoying beach vacations, hosting barbecues, or taking long road trips, summer memories are often among the most cherished. As the seasons change, it's essential to protect your valuable summer and seasonal items by storing them in a climate-controlled storage unit. In this article, we will explore the advantages of climate-controlled storage for preserving your summer treasures.

10x15 Climate Controlled Storage Units

What Size Unit Is Right For Me?

Many people overthink renting a storage unit. Once you realize how simple it is and how cost effective it is to store items in a unit instead of cluttering up your house you will alleviate some of your stress in your life.

So now that you’ve decided to get a storage unit we need to determine what size you’ll need…

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips for 2021

The freshness of spring in Sioux Falls brings the desire to open up our windows and clear out our homes.

Cleaning your house after the bustle of the holiday season could seem quite overwhelming. Keep reading to learn how to make things easier using self-storage and a few spring cleaning tips.

Holiday Storage

Holidays don't always have to be stressful. A storage unit can help!

Does the upcoming holidays add stress to your life? Have you considered a storage unit to alleviate some stress?  How would it alleviate stress you ask, consider the following...

Clutter – Holidays typically mean large groups of family and or friends getting together to celebrate. Many times leading up to the gathering the host is scrambling to make their house less cluttered, clean and decorated. Now think if you had a storage unit. You would be able to move grandmas antique rocking chair into a safe climate controlled unit thus opening up your living room to a better flow and protecting your cherished item from BIG Louie. Or maybe it’s the kids large toys that they no longer play with that are cluttering your space. No place for that Christmas tree in your living room? Once again you can store some furniture to make room.  

Less clutter = less stress. Read Full Post Here
Climate Controlled Units

It's Financially Smart and Good for Your Health To Have A Storage Unit.

Yes, I know that might sound like a stretch but stick with me. Did you know the average purchase price is $135 a sq ft in the Sioux Falls market. To finance and carry expenses on that space it will cost you at least 6x more per month (financing, utilities, etc) vs renting a storage unit with Storage Center that runs approx. $1.54 per sq ft. So why not take that expensive space in your home and repurpose it? Think… new office space, playroom, gym, etc.

Why Climate Controlled

Why Climate Controlled Storage?

When looking and renting a storage unit you might question whether you need a climate controlled unit or could get by with an outdoor storage unit. Climate controlled units provide protection against water, dust, and excessive light as well as manage humidity and intense temperatures swings. In climate controlled unit you will have consistent temperature and humidity all year round.

Storage Packing

Making Good Use of Your Time at Home

During these challenging times we will all be spending much more time together at home. This time could be put to valuable use to check off items on our to do list that we’ve been putting aside.


Renting a Storage Unit Makes Good Sense

We all have valuables that we don’t want to part with. However, these items cause clutter and take up space in our houses that could and should be used in....