Spring Cleaning Tips for 2021

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for 2021 from Storage Center in Sioux Falls.
The freshness of spring in Sioux Falls brings the desire to open up our windows and clear out our homes. Cleaning your house after the bustle of the holiday season could seem quite overwhelming. Keep reading to learn how to make things easier using self-storage and a few spring cleaning tips.

Storage and Spring Cleaning go hand in hand

You cannot effectively spring clean a home filled with stuff. It can be frustrating to trip and stumble over things while you go about cleaning your house. Self-storage is a great way to reduce the items in your home by decluttering and storing, while keeping them safe in a climate and humidity-controlled environment. This helps you create more space, and you are able to thoroughly clean all areas of your home with minimal obstructions. With self-storage, you can keep your properties safe and know they are always readily available whenever you need them.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Here are a couple of tips on how to spring clean your home with ease. These tips will help you achieve your goal of having a fresh and airy home. They include:

#1- Make a plan to stay on track

The first thing to do is to plan. Set your goals by stating what you wish to achieve. Planning helps you stay on track while you spring clean your house. Having a clearly outlined plan is a motivation to take on all your cleaning tasks.
Our suggestion is to create a checklist and tick off tasks as you do them.

#2-Go room by room (Don’t overwhelm yourself)

While spring cleaning, follow a pattern to get the best results. Clean your house one room at a time. You could begin by cleaning the bedrooms, then move to the kitchen and then to the living room. There is no set pattern to follow, but make sure not to overwhelm yourself.

Taking it one room at a time will keep you coordinated. You will also keep track of how much progress you’re making as you clean your house. While it may seem daunting at first, you will quickly complete one room and move onto the next.

#3-Use the four-category method

The four-category method is an excellent way to declutter and spring clean. You should toss, donate, keep and store.
The first step is to gather all dirt and refuse and toss them out. All refuse accumulated over the past season as well as damaged or useless items should be tossed out.
While decluttering, you may find items that you don’t use anymore. You may not want to throw them because they are not damaged. It could be clothes that you have outgrown, used toys, or other items. The best thing to do with such items is to donate them to charity. This way, you have fewer unused items in your home. You also get to contribute to society by helping those in need. It’s good to also keep in mind that depending on the value of items donated, you may be eligible for a tax-deduction.
After donating, sort out items you wish to keep around the house. Make sure to keep only things that would be useful during the spring season.
This is where self-storage will come in handy. As you leave behind the cold winter, it is time to pack up all winter gear lying around, such as winter coats, jackets, beanies, mittens, etc. You won’t be needing these items for a long while anyway, so it is best to keep these items in a self-storage unit where they are safe and less likely to be damaged.
With Storage Center’s climate-controlled environment, you can rest assured that your items are safe and secure with our temperature and humidity-controlled building. Anything you do not need on-hand can be safely kept in storage and readily available to be retrieved later.
All items to be stored should be adequately packed. Make use of plastic containers and cardboard boxes, depending on the nature of each item. To ensure items are as safe and secure as possible, Storage Center recommends using plastic totes. Properly label your boxes and containers for easy identification later.
Check to make sure none of the items you wish to store are damaged. Fix all damaged items before storing to ensure they are ready to go when you need them.

#4-Store large and seasonal items

Pack up and store all holiday/seasonal items such as Christmas trees, decorations, and lights. Pack your decorations into boxes and take down the tree. Store them safely in your self-storage unit, freeing up space in your home, garage, and attic. This way, they are entirely out of your way, safely stored, and ready when you need them again.

#5-Make/Keep an inventory of what is in storage

You should keep track of all items in storage. Keep an inventory of all things as you store them. You could write them down in a notebook or use a digital note or spreadsheet on your laptop or phone, depending on which you’d prefer. Make sure it is a well-detailed list containing every item you put in storage before storing.
It may also be helpful to detail your list down to what is in each box that in storage. This will make it easier to find things quickly when the time comes. Keeping an inventory helps you better know all that you have in storage.


Take the tips discussed here one step at a time and see the changes you desire. Enjoy the same freshness of the outdoors in your home this Spring by making use of a climate-controlled self-storage unit. These stress-free tips will make cleaning your house easier and effective while providing you with more free space in your home for daily activities and peace of mind.
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