It's Financially Smart and Good for Your Health To Have A Storage Unit.

Climate Controlled Units
Yes, I know that might sound like a stretch but stick with me. 

Did you know the average purchase price is $135 a sq ft in the Sioux Falls market. To finance and carry expenses on that space it will cost you at least 6x more per month (financing, utilities, etc) vs renting a storage unit with Storage Center that runs approx. $1.54 per sq ft. So why not take that expensive space in your home and repurpose it? Think… new office space, playroom, gym, etc. 

As for your health… Did you know according to the Mayo Clinic a cluttered space can cause you stress? Are your closets to the brim and starting to overflow? Has your junk drawer moved into a space in your home you just pile things up? Are you tripping over items? Well as Mayo puts it “Extra stuff isn’t just messy. It could be holding you back from living your best life.” Clutter can add stress, make it hard to focus, and even keep you up at night. So destress and declutter your life and get yourself a storage unit at Storage Center. 

So why not checkout a storage unit today to see how you can free up your mind and the space in your house. 
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