What size storage unit is right for me?

10x15 Climate Controlled Storage Units
Many people overthink renting a storage unit. Once you realize how simple it is and how cost effective it is to store items in a unit instead of cluttering up your house you will alleviate some of your stress in your life.

So now that you’ve decided to get a storage unit we need to determine what size you’ll need…

A 5x5 unit is 25 square feet. We like to refer to this as your closet with 8 foot tall ceilings. You might be surprised what all you can fit in. This unit could hold your seasonal clothes, decorations, golf clubs, chairs, nightstands etc. You can even fit a queen size mattress but you wouldn’t have much room for anything else.

A 5x10 unit is double that size at 50 sq ft. We refer to this size unit as your walk in closet. We’ve had many businesses use this size for paperwork, unused office furniture, storing parts, inventory, as well as some remote workers freeing up space in their home to make an office.

Our next size up is a 10x10 which will typically fit the contents of a studio apartment in. Think bed, couch, a few chairs, tv and some boxes. Many times people rent this size when they’re transitioning to a new apartment that’s just not ready yet.

Our most popular size is a 10x15. This size unit will accommodate the contents of a small house. We have many people renting this size unit when moving, holding items of a loved one after passing, downsizers, or smart people wanting to free up more space in their homes.

The next unit size up is a 10x20 at 200 sq ft. This would be your typical 1 stall garage size. Bigger moves, multi households moves, or even businesses looking to store supplies this would be a great size for you. Our 10x20s are setup for people moving and are all conveniently located on the first floor.

Our largest size is a 10x25 coming in at 250 sq ft. This size would fit the contents of a large house. These units are also located on first floor for moving convenience, the units have an individual light in the unit as well as a door on both sides of the unit. Lets say you’re building a house and need somewhere to safely store your items for several months but still need to access things from time to time. You’ll love our double doors so you can easily access your items.

So how do I rent a unit? Its simple as visiting our facility, renting a unit on our website storagecenter.com or giving us a call 605-524-7738. Once you fill out the paperwork you’ll get a text message with access to your smart lock and that’s it you’re ready to move in.