Making Good Use Of Your Time At Home

Making Good Use Of Your Time At Home

July 13th, 2021

During this time of self-quarantining we will be all be spending much more time together at home. This time could be put to valuable use to check off the items on our to do list that we’ve been putting aside.

With spring in the air it’s a great time to start Spring Cleaning! While we are de-cluttering areas we may want to put aside those items that we don’t use on a daily basis that we can store instead and free up valuable living space.

Climate controlled self storage is a great place to store some of these items. Your Christmas decorations, clothing, toys your kids have outgrown and other seasonal items such as lawn furniture. With climate controlled storage your items will be in a temperature controlled environment so the items don’t get too hot or cold as well as humidity controlled.

This storage space is less expensive per square foot than your living space so it is actually very smart financially to store these items there instead of tying up space at home that could otherwise be used for much more enjoyable and prudent applications. A game room, playroom, bedroom, a new or enlarged bathroom, a reading den or study room, etc.

Share your ideas of those things you might store in a climate controlled facility and how you repurposed some of your living space that was previously used for storage.

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