Renting a Storage Unit makes good sense!

Why Climate Controlled Storage

July 13th, 2021

Climate Controlled Self Storage We all have valuables that we don’t want to part with. However, these items cause clutter and take up space in our houses that could and should be used in a better way. The cost per square foot is much more expensive in our house than in a storage unit. This is why so many people are now storing the items they don’t use on a daily basis in a storage facility. It is now considered an ‘Extension of your living space’ and as such, it is considered a part of your normal living expenses.

You will want to store your items in a Climate Controlled environment to avoid mold and pests that may adversely affect your items. You will also want to store them in a safe facility that has security cameras and a system that tracks who is coming and going to the storage facility.

Fall is a perfect time to start de-cluttering your house for the Holidays!

The Storage Center is a state-of-the-art ‘Class A’ all climate-controlled facility that is brand new to Sioux Falls. We are scheduled to be opening our doors for business at the end of November. You can sign up now to be on our priority First Dibs List by going to

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